Mancx User Focus – Martin Lidgard

September 13, 2011 by

Martin Lidgard, CEO at Tibet Server, was one of the first people to sign up for Mancx. He runs a company that has come up with a really innovative solution for the aviation industry – one that puts critical manuals online and makes the process of updating and cross-referencing them a collaborative one. Tibet Server now counts aviation companies around the world among its clients. We got the opportunity to meet up with Martin last time he visited Stockholm and ask him a few questions.


[Mancx] Tell us a little more about Tibet Server.

ML: Our fastest growing business area is within the aviation sector where our product Tibet Web Manuals lets airlines produce and distribute manuals in HTML. We make them accessible online or offline via the web, tablets and smartphones. We’ve changed the way the industry has worked for decades. We help airlines save time and money and improve safety to prevent accidents. Tibet Server’s solution has replaced the need for products like Word and InDesign when editing airline manuals.

How come you started using Mancx?

It was a real challenge get in touch with specific decision makers within the aviation industry. It was time consuming and difficult to find the right people. Mancx provided an elegant solution to the problem.

What other information services do you use?

We have used, LinkedIn premium and aviation directories.

What is your greatest information challenge?

It’s important that we time our sales process so that we contact the right people within an organisation as they’re looking to implement an IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) certificate in aviation, which means making improvements in their quality and safety programme. Given the large amount of possible prospects it is very difficult to make the sales call at the right time.


How will you use Mancx next?

We’ll use Mancx to help us find sales contacts. Those contacts are prioritised according to some complex variables – it’s the sort of stuff you cannot Google for. Our questions are ones that you need industry expertise and inside knowledge to answer usefully.

What was the first answer you got from Mancx?

We were given detailed contact information for a decision maker on a major European airline.

What would you add/change to make Mancx better?

Nothing at the moment.

What is your best Mancx tip for a new user?

Ask very specific questions and don’t be afraid to negotiate!

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